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The Joys of Fishing
The joys of fishing can be enjoyed year-round in so many ways!

As we approach the end of summer, I can’t help but think about some great experiences that I’ve enjoyed fishing this year.  Even last year, during periods of strict Covid restrictions, fishing is something that I could get out and enjoy. Also, what I love even more about fishing is that it can be enjoyed year round, especially if you are interested in different types of fishing or willing to travel to the prime fishing spots at any time of year.

A few years ago, as I learned more about different types of fishing and all that the sport has to offer, I also realized that I was spending a ton of money on fishing equipment!  That started a journey to explore the fishing brands where I could get the most for my money, both by selecting gear that is built to last, and also by finding great deals on fishing gear.

When it comes to Fly fishing, which I really enjoy, I am a huge fan of Orvis, who has been a leader in the Fly Fishing Space for decades.  Not only their fly fishing rods and reels, but also their outdoors apparel is some of the best in the business.  While it can be expensive, I’ve found a great location for Orvis deals. Not only can you earn Cash Back, but sometimes they have amazing coupons and promos for up to 80% off Orvis gear. Check it out!

One piece of essential Fly Fishing Gear is waders, which are a necessity, especially when fly fishing in a river. In my opinion, there are a few great wader brands out there, including Simms, Gator Waders, and Korkers.  One thing I’ve found is that there are a few great sites that offer many of these brands with mazing deals on waders and even cash back on waders and other fly fishing purchases.  One such site is, and you can multiply your savings by earning cashback and combining with deals and discounts on waders.  In addition to, I love AVIDMAX, which boasts a wide range of waders, fly fishing gear, fly tying supplies, outdoor apparel, and even watercraft and hunting gear.  AVIDMAX also offers cash back on waders and all their fly fishing gear when you just know where to look for the best AVIDMAX deals.  

This has hardly scratched the surface of my findings on amazing fly fishing deals, let along deals for all other types of fishing, including bass fishing, deep sea fishing, freshwater fishing, ice fishing, baitcasting, and so much more.  If you have a passion for fishing or are just a beginner, I hope to share my love for this great pastime and challenging endeavor that can be the strangest combination of peace, frustration, serenity, and excitement!

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